Friday, March 16, 2018

Freedom quilt!

This is just a super quick, (not good) photo of my progress on the Cheri Payne quilt that Lori of Humble quilts is facilitating.  It is a freewheeling quilt, and you can make it just the way you want to...and it is great fun!  I have a lot of applique to do on the dark red panel on the top.  Just recording my progress, here!!!

Have a super day, each of you!!!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Some more rainbow progress!

 I made some progress yesterday!  The bright green blocks are the addition to this quilt, this month.  I am thinking I am going to have to carry this forward for another year's round of colors, to make a big enough quilt for a hospital bed.
The greens!  They look like my trees; covered with tiny green buds!!!  Happy Spring to each of you!

Have a super day!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rainbow birdies!

 I have gotten precious little done this month, on rainbow projects, but the birdies are done!! Light, fresh green is the color of the here are some scrappy green birdies from the scrap basket.
Here is where I am so far, with our avian friends.  The blocks are an odd size...some are 9 inches, and some 6 inches...unfinished.  So it will be fun to fit them all together!!

It has been a challenging week.  I have gotten next to nothing done, and that bothers me.  Just the regular housework.  Every day is appointment, a SOMETHING to do!   I just want a day you?



Monday, March 12, 2018

Just a few things!

 Recently, my friend Lori of Humble Quilts asked me, "What are you into lately?"  A simple question, but one that really got me thinking...what in the world am I into, and with a little more thought, what is my favorite kind of quilts, ever?!!  I guess the answer is, like a lot of us....I love it all!!  But plaids and strings?  They hold a very, very special place in my quilting heart.  I was refolding quilts yesterday, and found this little plaid quilt I made several years ago.  It is a bear paw quilt (of course!), made of, yes, Plaids and Strings!!
 The blocks are only seven inches finished, and I always planned to make an identical, big, bed sized quilt with 14 inch blocks.  I need to get on that!  This one is hand quilted with black thread.

I am loving my rainbow quilts, because they are using bits and pieces of scraps and strings, that I really want to use up and pass on for someone to enjoy.

I love brights, and dull colors, and plaids and reproductions, and batiks, and 1930's...I guess I am so blessed to just really enjoy the whole gamut of everything the quilting world has to offer.

So my question for you is...what are you into?  I would really love to know!!!

 I recently received some goodies from Vic, who blogs here:  We had a little exchange...and I just love these selvages (strings!) and will put them to good use!  That little rectangle you see is a sachet.  Vic makes them, and it smells like I imagine heaven smells like...yummy!
 A few patterns from a fast, fast trip to the quilt show...I got to meet Lori Smith!!  She is an amazing pattern designer...please see her website here.
 I found this rainbow quilt on it yours?  When I clicked on it, it came to a dead end on the computer...I love this!!  Maybe for next year?
This is a quilt from Becky, from Quilting in the Old is amazing to me...scrappy and just perfect for using blue scraps!  Becky is an amazing, very prolific  her scrappy goodness!!

Have a super day!


Friday, March 9, 2018

Hand stitching

 I have had some hand stitching time, so I bound all of these little things.  I have a box of handwork that I can just pick up and take with me, to fill hours in waiting rooms, etc., so that is just what I do!! Just little things.
I also got most of the hand blanket stitching done on my Cheri blocks, for the Halloween/fall time quilt.  I wonder if I could get away with adding a silly turkey, and call it a fall quilt, instead of just Halloween!!!?  Maybe not!

Have a super day, each of you!  I was supposed to be the charge nurse today, so I got up at 4:40, to be ready...but they texted me to stay home for a while and be there regular time.  So!  An hour early...means a blog post, folding laundry, and sweeping floors before work time.  Using every minute here!!

Hugs to all,


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Those scraps...on an unexpected day off!

 These are all the batik scraps I have.  I have 6 three inch blocks left over!  I hope to make a patient quilt from these blocks...something bright and cheerful to brighten a very sick patient's day.
 Pictures are good for finding mistakes in layout, LOL!!  I am grateful for that.  I see at least one.  I bet you can spy that one!
Just another picture.  This is on my list for the whoop, whoop for progress!

**********************Nurse's notes*********************

I got placed on call for today.  Our patient census is down, at least in the CCU where I work.  As nurses, we take turns being on call.  There are two ways to look at this...I have to stay home, and dressed, so that I can be called in on a moments notice for any STEMI (heart attack patient) or any other emergency patient that requires critical care.  I get paid the grand sum of $2 dollars an hour for this, and need to take vacation pay to get the rest of my wages...

But on the other hand!!  I have an unexpected day off, at least for now!!  So I am making tracks as fast as I can...Yahoo!!!



Thursday, March 1, 2018

So Spooky, and one of my favorite quilts!

 This is one of my favorite quilts, ever!  The blocks are 6 inches finished, and the sashing is tiny...2 inch nine patches.   I was re-folding quilts last night, and deciding which quilts to take to patients in the hospital this week...this one just has to stay with me!  It was made from a Barrister's block quilt along from a few years ago.
I have been prepping SO Spooky blocks...this is a quilt along on face book by Cheri Payne.  I made it all my own...the pumpkin witchy lady is dancing, in my block...whoop!!!  Lot of stitching still to go, of course.  Not very spooky at my house, LOL!

Have a great day, everyone!!!


Wednesday, February 28, 2018


 Just keeping it real, folks! Wrinkles, pins and all.  I am working on the above applique block. Super fun!
 I found this little applique piece in the quilt closet..."Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle; the cow jumped over the moon."  I have no idea where I was going with this...
The poinsettia from Christmas is still going strong!    Wonder if it will last all year??

Have a great day, everyone!!


Monday, February 26, 2018

Schedule is a plus!!

 I sorted through all my strings, and sorted out the batiks. I cut them all up into rail fence pieces and parts, and also used some batiks given to me by my friend Randy (see her blog HERE). Randy is having a book sale right now, so if you are in need or want of some fun quilting books, here is your chance!  This is what this one is shaping up to be.  I am happily piecing these easy blocks, in between house cleaning chores.
 I finished the hand quilting on this quilt...and binding. Yippee!!  I use this blog as a record of what I am doing, so please forgive the re posting of this quilt.

***********************Nurse's Notes***********************
At the hospital, the volunteers make pillow for patients, for comfort, and also sometimes to brace an incision or support a limb and the like.  These are passed out weekly to a large number of patients throughout our hospital, and they love them! These pretty pillows are made of lots of fun and seasonal fabrics.   I found out that these pillows are primarily made by one lady volunteer...she is 92 years old!!!  I had the good fortune to meet her, and she is supplying a lot of the fabric and fiber fill too.  I am going to help her!  I am taking her a stack of fabric and will try to rotary cut these pillows...she is currently cutting the pillows out with scissors!  I think I can keep her supplied with seasonal fabrics to help her mission.

What an awesome lady!  Her name is Wadie, and she is so much fun...hope I can grow up and be just like her!!!  Isn't that so cool to be giving so much back at any age, much less 92 years young??

Schedule:  I am loving working a set sure helps my cleaning schedule and just to get more things done.  I am working the same three days in a row, every week. After 30 years, I think it is OK to just not work any old day they say, but rather kind of have a plan, LOL!!


Have a great day, each of you!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The last of the purple for me!

 Each month, I am making four of these blocks.  Here is where I am so far, with my addition of four purplish blocks.
 My churn dashes are all done and on the mail for exchange, for Barb's churn dash exchange.  It was super fun to make these, and I look forward to seeing what I will receive in return!
The winner of the Rainbow book is Robert Kent...please send me your address, Robert!


Monday, February 19, 2018

Expanding the rainbow!

 Continuing on with the are my triangle blocks.   Adding to the collection!!
 Here are all the colors I have so far.
And a few bow ties blocks.  These are 3 inches finished, and I have one metric ton of them cut out...and the goal is to get this quilt to flimsy stage this year!!

********************One more question?*********************

Thank you to all of you who were so kind to answer my couple of questions last post.  Just one more?

How do you decide what project to work on?  Is it kind of a seat of your pants, impromptu thing, or do you have a plan of what you want to accomplish in your life, or what?

Have a super day!


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rainbow progress!

 February is purple month!  So...some purple birdies to add to the collection.
 Here are all the birds I have made so far.  Rosie the poodle was helping to arrange them.
I have just been really wanting to make something out of these bright blocks...we will see what takes place with these!  Thank you, Lori, for your recent contribution to these!!

******************A couple questions for you!************************

1.  Where and how do you store your finished quilts??

2.  Where do you hand quilt, or hand sew?  I have been sitting on the floor against the couch, but my hips doth protest!!

Have a super day!!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Up all night!!

 OK!  So I had insomnia...and decided that maybe God intended for me to be up and finish this quilt!! Just to put a positive spin on this...I finished the last three blocks, and just need to figure out the sashing or how to put it all together in some fashion.
 A closer shot of the blocks, about 6AM this it is quite dark.  This was inspired by a quilt seen on Quilting by the River.
Happy Valentine's Day!  This is my offering for Valentine's Day, for this year.  NO hearts in sight...but lots of pinks!

Have a wonderful day, each of you!!!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A more normal schedule.

 Here is where I am on Lori and Cheri's quilt along.  I am working on the Eagle block and the flying angel block.
This is a little closer view...since I drew my own angel, she did not fill the block well, but I think she needs some hearts surrounding her!
 I love her wild hair!!  See that fabric on her sleeves?  THAT is not is really Wonder Woman magical bracelets!  Hahaha...I hope each of you got to see that movie, or the old series, so you know about the magic bracelets!!
 I am binding this quilt.  It is very bright, and each nine patch is showcased, because they all came from a swap with Barb from a previous year...and I love each one.  I am swapping churn dashes with her group this year!
There has been a lot of prep work, and above is a rail fence quilt, all cut out...and carefully placed in a clean to-go salad box, LOL!  I do use a lot of recycled stuff.  It is on my list to make a brightly colored rail fence for a patient quilt this year.
 Here is my messy box of churn dash pieces...I also use cookie sheets, and have a few stacked up with various projects in the works.

Kevin recently asked about my mom's improved nine patch quilt.  Here it is....I think that maybe those fabrics are 1950's?  Not sure...Mom was very ill when she make this one, but she was determined to make 2 quilts for each child in the family.  I love it!!

**********************Nurse's Notes*******************************

I have been trying a new schedule for the last week, and the next six weeks, as far as my work schedule goes.  I am working three days in a row, the same each week.  Instead of just being all over the place on my scheduled days, I am hoping this gives me some continuity for both work and home, as each is so busy.  Wish me luck!!    I am just not sleeping well...I need a change with that and also want to do better with my home care and quilting too!!!!!

Have a lovely day, each of you!!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lots of hand sewing...bindings, bindings, bindings!

None of these are in season, but each is fun and the best part of all...FINISHED!!!  I had an opportunity to sew by hand for a while...and here it is, my progress.  

My fingers on the left hand have calluses, but my middle finger on my right hand has a worn through blister!!  No pain, though, so it is all good.  I try and try to use a thimble, and just cannot. Can you?  What do you recommend??

Have a super day, each of you!!!


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

One of the quilts on the goal list for this year!

Cheri Payne had a basket quilt along last year, and I kind of went my own way and made this four basket quilt. All the applique is done for the blocks, and most of it for the vines and cornerstones.  Just a few pieces left to still applique down!

The setting is my invention, or rather, the quilt came up with it and I just followed suit.  I love it when the quilt decides what it wants to be!!

Have a super day, each of you!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another Rainbow post

 Here is where I am on my rainbow blocks...just a few colors into it.  I think it will be very pretty when it is filled out with a rainbow of colors!  Rosie the poodle is tired, after a strenuous day of quilt supervision and inspection, so she is resting by the blocks.
These are the blue one I made for the month of January.



A Rainbow quilts giveaway!

 Hurrah!  This is last Saturday for the color BLUE, so I am linking up to Angela, at So Scrappy.  If you would like to be in a drawing for this book, please just leave me a comment, and there will be a random drawing this coming week for the book.  It is a good one!!

Please see Angela's blog below to see all the rainbow scrappy goodness going on.  So many lovely ideas!!

I am still working on blue scrappy blocks, so stay tuned!

 So?  Turns out I had a $75.00 credit at Amazon, for a reward program at work.  I had the most fun ever browsing all the quilting goodies!  I ended up choosing these bobbins above, because now I have a little bit of a lot of colors, for applique.  I really don't have much thread, so this really expands my variety.  Super fun!
 Some pretty fat quarters!!  from the quilt shop...I am in love!
 A few backgrounds...and these are Cherrywood fabrics that I received for Christmas.
 And a few little packages of precut fabrics and a jelly roll.
 My quilt buddies had these t-shirts made, so I got one of those too.
Hey, I made this quilt top some time ago...years.  I think now, that it is about 1/2 the size it should be...these are six inch squares.  I think  I just made this UFO...U F Older!  Because I really need to make it bigger!!!

So I rarely shop...and this was a rare treat.  I can't bring myself to actually unfold the fabrics and play yet...still admiring them. Do you do this too?  Hee!

Have a great day, everyone!!